Brussels Haiku

Marcel Broodthaers,

Rue Americaine

I take a coffee

and plot out seven haiku,

streets named after birds.

Rue Africaine

A Congolese man

asks me how I choose my words.

I blink, say nothing.

Piscine d’Ixelles

A boy is beaming

in a bright red swimming cap.

Sun rays, ducklings, splash.

Marché du Châtelain

In the market square,

children rush a farm stand that’s

bursting with berries.

Cimetiere d’Ixelles

Two sleek purple crows

pick at an animal bone

and a broken egg.

Musee d’Art Fantastique

It is far better

to bypass the museum:

images come quick.

Global Power City

Be still. Can you hear?

All the world is sleeping now:

in Brussels, there’s snow.