Three Worlds

First World

She wore pearls as she gathered acorns in the ghetto. She took the airbus to the landing strip, where rifles were offloaded amidst alarms.

1. City of acorns. Ghetto girls in pearls, taking the airbus to the airport. Rifles misfire and smoke alarms knock off as planes take off for Ipanema.

2. Rifles studded with pearls. A ghetto so green it’s flooded with acorns. Fire alarms have long sine quieted… the remaining handful of survivors boards the airbus for the Moon.

3. Armies arrive by airbus, rifles packed and alarms on. The floor of the oak forest is strewn with acorns. The ghetto’s gone, and people wear pearls as they stroll along the river.

4. They carried rifles through the ghetto to reach the airbus. Acorns fall from oaks like perls in a typhoon, one small oysterboat sounding alarms for the rising tidal wave and thunder.

5. An airbus sped through the city’s ghetto to reach the rifle dump, where alarms were going of and scavenger children were gathering acorns and pearls.

6. No more ghetto. No more rifles or alarms. Only pearls along the highway where an airbus made for forests full of acorns.

Second World

Staying in motels with saunas, clerics from many different abbeys ate bananas and studied blue amoebas to eradicate a plague.

1. Amoeba creep in standing pools of closed-up motels. Boxcars serve as saunas for the nuns who visit the banana abbeys.

2. Strip mall motels bloom out of boxcar fossils. Saunas are full of novitiates from the nearby abbeys, where amoeba fester in banana peel thrown form a moving van.

3. Motels and abbeys feature saunas in the winter months. Amoeba survives in boxcars used as homes by recent immigrants who’ve left banana groves for the inner city.

4. Amoeba LLC is holed up in motels beside banana fields. A boxcar houses derelicts from Northern abbeys that sustain themselves by running saunas for the tourists.

5. Boxcar motels hide basins of amoeba outside saunas smelling like banana leaf. Abbeys glint in the setting sun on a hilltop.

6. Banana farms spotted the valley where abbeys serve as motels for the boxcar crowd. Saunas drink in the water from a cow pool polluted by amoeba.

Third World

A timber village aflame, misery was wafted up into the air as sambas echoed in the oranges, amidst orchids and a singing oriole.

1. There’s no more misery, only orioles in the orange groves. Pit mines are aflame, people promenade to sambas with orchids in their hair.

2. The orange orchid blossoms as sambas reach the coast, where misery sleeps in an orange smoke. The valley is aflame with sunlight as an oriole sings of summer.

3. One orchid is aflame with orange. Sambas echo some forgotten misery. An oriole sings to the sunset.

4. She wore an orchid in her hair. Sambas release a misery aflame in lovers; hearts. An orange oriole sings of the days of sadness that have come.

5. Orange trees put out any lasting misery. An orchid is aflame with sensuality. An oriole hides in high branches, as sambas reverberate across the land.

6. We see a house, no longer aflame, all misery doused in spring’s coming, heard in the sambas and a single oriole. An orange orchid opens into night.