Queensboro panorama, iPhone photo, W. Allen, 2016


A bridge connects two continents,

a lorry crossing with figs

from the Golden Horn.

Chenyang spans the restless Linxi,

where white storks

settle in the reeds.

Tagus, at Alcántara, carried Roman soldiers

and their oxen

on moonless nights.

Red Python, in the city

of forgotten dreams, links fishwives

to Borneo Island.

Charlesbridge, on the Vltava,

houses palindromes

and curses of the gentry.

A double helix bridge

in Singapore gives runners

access to the city islands.

Langkawi, in the land

of a thousand bridges,

takes walkers up Mat Cincang.

Puente de Mujer in Buenos Aires

is packed with stalling

motorbikes today.

6th October looks out over

the dirty Nile

where pleasure boats abound.

Ponte Vecchio boasts pilgrims

marching to Fiesole

to avoid bubonic plague.

Al-Sarafiya, across the Tigris,

lies partially under water

and collapsed.

Gabriel Tucker, dry, dusty,

links United Nations Drive

to Providence Island.

Glienickebrucke is a fog-bound

conduit for spies, prisoners,

from East Berlin.

A bridge is yet to be built

to Sicily, where only sky

looms over a wine dark sea.