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Brooklyn Haiku

Dolphin in Gowanus Canal, 2013

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Elevated skyway

A crane loading crushed cars onto a barge

The hush of ocean surf


Autumn Avenue

Monticello's Arboretum

White-knuckled fear

Sing-song three-year old


Visitation Place

Sludge in Gowanus Canal

Ominous thunderheads

Tarnished Lady of Liberty


Gravesend Neck

Log jam of river barges

Skinny white cat in field of Queen Anne's Lace

Carroll Gardens' hearts on fire


Owls Head Court

Rimbaud as a ten-year old

17th c. warned-out vagrants

Black jeans and blue raincoats


Joralemon Street

Golden Dragon bucket brigade

Mouth of Manhattan Bridge agape

Dumplings, friends, full moon


Old Love Lane

The waterfall at the Brooklyn Bridge

Kayaking eighth graders

An army of red crabs


Cortelyou Road

Coffee, books, democracy

The bewitching waves

Blueberry pancakes, twig tea


Mermaid Avenue

Looming Democratic landslide

Ear bone on cracked sidewalk

Encyclopedia of lies


Red Hook Lane

Tin-type Napoleonic soldier

Butterflies up Third Avenue

A sea of sore throats


Force Tube Avenue

Raucous narrative (laughing gull)

Pall of sleep over train travelers

Purple flowers in the snow


Anchorage Place

Squalor of lost thoughts

Fatty at Coney Island

Gravesend clouds pulling me back


Oriental Boulevard

Brooklyn street names

German archeologists

Some cum on cobblestones


Marcus Garvey Boulevard

Lost in haiku

Stand Clear of the Closing Doors

I miss my stop


Pig Town Lane

I look up from a book

A plane lands on the Hudson

Like it was meant to


Coney Island Avenue

Somali pirate coast

Flakes of snow

Loss of consciousness

© 2009